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Swager - AQHA blue roan stallion

Welcome  to Swager’s page. Swager is an AQHA blue roan stallion. The most genetically tested EE aa RnRn stallion available to the public today! There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Swager. We hope you enjoy his pages and take a moment to drop us a line.

About Swager


One of the best balanced roan stallions available to the public

"Swager" is the best balanced roan stallions out there. The fact that he's homozygous roan and black, plus 5 panel negative is just icing on the cake - you just couldn't ask for more. But there is!  Swager possesses beautiful movement due to his near flawless conformation, has an outstanding temperament and tremendous work ethic.  Swager has plenty of cow sense; he is a working ranch horse and been to ranch sortings and them pennings.  As a sire he stamps his foals with his elegant refinement, typey head with lots of eye appeal, possessing his temperament and work ethic.  All wrapped up in that pretty roan color! This young stallion’s oldest get are turning 4 in 2020 and we are excited to watch them advance under saddle for their owners!

Not your typical roan bloodlines

Zero crosses to Blue Valentine or Driftwood within the entire pedigree. With no crosses to Joe Hancock, King, Poco Bueno, Skipper W within the first 8 generations. An excellent out cross on breeding programs focusing in those bloodlines or a program focusing away from those lines!  Roan lines include Robert Redford, Super Roan Bar,  Ski Bar Skip, Roan Slippers.

Halter Influence

The right halter influence can ad substance and presence. Swager’s halter influence includes Robert Redford, Tuffernhel,  and Beaus My Daddy. Without any Impressive in his pedigree.

Thoroughbred Influence

The thoroughbred influence ads athleticism and refinement.  Swager is line bred Three Bars (20 crosses) with TONS of other classic Thoroughbred lines, but far enough back to qualify for most foundation registries and as an Azteca sire.  Thoroughbred lines include; Top Deck, Man O' War, Mito Paint, Native Dancer, Fair Play, Sir Gallahad, Sweep, Domino, and Spotted Bull. 

Ranch Horse Influence

Most folks do not give the ranch horse enough credit. Ranch work is more demanding than any other discipline and multiple disciplines in one.  The ranch horse influence in Swager is represented up close with his dam; a great granddaughter to Krogman Ranch’s cornerstone stallion Krogs Classy Cowboy.  Swager is also influenced by horses of the King Ranch with 161 and 66 crosses to horses bred by the Waggoner Ranch.


Genetic Tested Beyond Industry Standard

Swager has been genetic and color tested providing the best possible cross with your mare. Genetic tests resulted as 5 Panel Negative listed with AQHA & APHA (UC Davis #QHA77438), OLWS Negative (UC Davis #NQ42441) listed with the APHA, IMM N/N (UC Davis #NQ42441). 


Color Tested Homozygous Roan & Beyond

Color test resulted as homozygous roan (UC Davis #DT29911), homozygous black, negative for grey gene (UC Davis #DT29910), no presence of agouti or brown  (Pet DNA Services #H3788).


AQHA/NFQHA Registered and Acceptable Outcross Stallion for Multiple Breeds

Not just for AQHA mares  but open to all breeds! Below are just some of the options!

  • Foundation breeders offspring eligible for foundation registries NFQHA (80%), FQHR (mares FQHR verified 87.56% or greater).
  • Acceptable Outcross Stallion for these registries: American Azteca Horse International Association, Arabian Horse Association (1/2 Arabian eligible.)
  • All outcrosses eligible for Half Quarter Horse Association! Click here for more information.

Pics N Docs

Swager’s movement

Moves as smooth as a pleasure horse works like dog


Breeding Information

Swager is the perfect choice with common denominators for every discipline within the stock horse and pony breeds.  A great choice for multiple disciplines and/or lines; including the popular roan foundation line of Blue Valentine. Which can still be eligible for all foundation registries when bred to qualifying mares.

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