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Swager Pics

Finding My Blue Unicorn Only to Sale Him

On August 17, 2012 I picked up three roans bred by Roger Mason in Greeley, Colorado. One of them was a 2010 AQHA stallion Bye Bye Blue Straw; as he was registered back then. I traveled from Buckeye, AZ with my traveling buddy Leslie Marquis who suggested the site and the date of the Greeley Dog Show.  When I got home I thought of a name that would be more simplistic and easier to remember. I filled for a name change with AQHA of Swager.

I had him long enough to put him into training and evaluate him to see if worthy to put into our stallion line up. I loved his work ethic, trainability, intellect, and level headedness. He was eager to please and would do all he was asked to do.  All factors tied to disposition, something I feel very important and require in a stallion prospect. To top it of he loved working cows.  I had found that blue roan unicorn!  

On January 1, 2013 I transferred him to our ranch AQHA membership under Cross 5 Ranch, submitted his genetic testing, enrolled him into AQHA's Full Circle program and listed him as an acceptable outcross sire with the APHA. Shortly thereafter my husband was offered his dream job training and fitting bucking bulls on a ranch in Oklahoma. I started disbanding our breeding program and priced every horse we had. Swager was the first one to go.  I was so hoping he was overpriced so that he could go with me to Oklahoma. Of course if he had, he would of been gelded since the ranch didn't allow stallions. 

I never got the chance to cross him on any of my mares before he was sold  October 7th, 2014! Out of all the horses I sold in my dispersal, Swager was the one I regretted the most. 

Got My Swager Back!

On August 9th, 2017 I found out Swager was for sale and did not hesitate to make an offer on him! The offer was accepted and now he's officially mine once again! That offer entailed letting go of the three last and best mares I had left in my possession. Leaving me with the decision of leaving Swager a stallion or not.  The only scenario for stallion without a band is to stand him to the public. Not an easy task, with a huge responsibility.  A good stallion always makes an awesome gelding, but decided to give it a shot of keeping him a stallion. 

Funny how things work! September 18, 2012 Swager was officially transferred to my name for the first time.  He was transferred back into my name on September 7, 2017  

WOW! just 6 days shy of 5 years from when I first acquired him!


With Me - Round 1

As I mentioned above I found my blue roan unicorn who eventualy  became my heart horse. I just didn’t have him long enough to realize it! I originally purchased him to cross on my halter mares and my newly established blue roan program. Then life got in the way  shortly after he got home from the trainer’s. 


With the Brooks

When my husband Glenn Lang, got his dream job training bucking bulls in Oklahoma; we dispersed our horse program. Swager was priced with the hopes he wouldn’t sale, but was the first one to go. He was sold to Wilburn & Debra Brooks in Tennesse. Sadly, only to be flipped by the Brooks a little under 4 months later. 


With Jill Strobel

Jill Strobel of Lazy J Quarter Horses purchased  Swager Feb 2, 2015.  Jill was an instrumental part of Swager’s life! He was sent out with a band of mares every spring on the rolling grassy pastures of South Dakota siring 30+ foals for her. All of the 2016-2018 get are from her program. 


Got my Swager back!

I did not hesitate to make an offer the moment I saw the post that Swager was for sale! Of all the horses I sold in my dispersal, I regretted selling Swager the most. When the driver handed me the lead rope Swager nickered after his trip to Keenesburg,Colorado. I realized then how much he meant to me.