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Stamped by Swager

Mare owners do you want a guaranteed black based roan without the risk of passed genetic issues from the stallion you select? Swager is an AQHA/NFQHA (80%) that is fully genetic tested above and beyond the industry standard to insure the best healthy possible foal on your mare(s). Swager has been tested negative for all known and testable genetic issues, including PSSM2 variants! He is quite possibly the most tested EE aa RNRN genetically clean stallion available to the public today!!

Swager stamps foals so consistently when placed together it is difficult to tell them apart!  Pretty heads, fox ears, clean throat latch, elegant necks, on ascetically balanced conformation. Along with personable puppy dog personalities your whole family will love! All rapped in a pretty roan package.  Yes! You CAN have it  all! 

Want a Swager Baby?

We currently do not own any mares at this time. The ONLY way to get a 2021 foal by Swager is to breed your mare to him! What are you waiting for book your mare today!